Watched the band tonight and absolutely loved them. Great show and everyone in the band was extremely talented. They all seemed to really enjoy performing too. Hope they come back to runcorn next year, I will certainly be recommending the show to friends.
(And I look forward to listening to my new CD) 

Saw Icons show,

great voices,

superb personalities,

wonderful choice of songs.

5 stars from me!!

Streisand was truly amazing what a talent.

Like being in the room with the lady herself.

Can’t wait to watch our next show of yours

 All the singers and musicians were fabulous and even if your not a Manilow fan the show is a packed night of entertainment. Phil is a great entertainer and his talking between the songs make you feel like they are performing just for you. My wife a Manilow fan booked the tickets and I went along for the evening but was blown away and maybe a Manilow fan myself now. I recommend this show and will be keeping watch for future shows. Thank you all