It's time to back comb that hair and slip on the shell suit as we take you back to Total 80's.

No other musical era has had such a colourful and diverse influence

on a generation.


Celebrating the amazing musical LAndscape of this time with

all of your favourite hits from

artists such as


Wham!, Madonna, Spandau Ballet, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, A-Ha, Cyndi Lauper and many more. This is a theatre show


unlike any other, it's a party atmosphere it will evoke memories

you'd forgotten you've forgotten!

 Performed by an incredible band, that recreates the magic to take you back in time to when it was cool to be different!!

Re live the 80s, The greatest songs from the loudest era!

So get out your neon,

back comb your hair.

Cut Footloose

and remember

to Wake me up before you go go because its time to go Back To The Future, Total Fun,

Total Memories.....Total 80s!

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